This kit contains 25 litres of Active Diamond, 25 litres of Super Degreaser and a brass Suttner ST77 high pressure foamer, ideal for cleaning agricultural gear and heavy equipment quickly and efficiently.

The Suttner ST77 foamer features an outlet nozzle that operates in vertical or horizontal positions with a metering valve for chemical mix settings, removing the need to dilute the product before using. The differences between this and the ST73 models is that it has a brass fitting instead of stainless steel, it only comes with a 1 litre bottle and is only available with a 1.25 injector. The easy to fill, wide mouth bottle has Fill/Mix markings on the side and grips for easy bottle changing

Please note that the Super Degreaser cannot be mixed with water so needs to be applied at 100% through a pump or pressure sprayer. Apply Super Degreaser over grease and oil stains. Use the Active Diamond and apply diluted over the Super Degreaser to the rest of the vehicle, wash off with high pressure water.

Do not use on highly polished aluminium as it may cause streaking or staining.

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Weight60.00 kg
Dimensions50.00 × 30.00 × 45.00 cm

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